How to Win at Bingo And How to Find The Best Bingo Bonus

Nowadays lots of online bingo sites are offering free cash without depositing a penny. With the emergence of new sites almost every week, these offers can start to become very confusing. Just how do these offers work and where can you find the best bingo bonus sites.

Firstly, most of the sites offering free money are 100% genuine and you can find an abundance of them on the internet. Knowing which offers to choose is an altogether different matter. Some sites will offer “Free Cash” without depositing any money or entering credit card details. Other sites work by offering a certain percentage on your first deposit. Example: deposit 10 get 30 to play with. Some sites offer both free money and a first deposit bonus.

So how are these sites able to give away “free” money? If you read the small print you will find that to be able to withdraw any winnings you must adhere to convinced conditions. The “catch” being that you have to “play through” the bonus amount a specific number of times. For example: A site offering a 20 bingo bonus might state that it must be played through 10 times. This means for you to collect any winnings you will have to wager (20 X 10 = 200).

The main objective of these free offers is to entice new players to the bingo site in the hope they love the practice and develop a regular member. Thousands of new players sign up to these bingo bonus offers every week without reading the small print first. Unless you know the full details of the offer the chances are you are not going to win a penny with your “free money” because you will never be able to withdraw it.

However all is not lost. Many bingo players have started to play the odds and actually win money for free. How you may ask? Well knowing how these offers work is the key. By signing up to multiple bingo sites instead of just one, the odds of winning are multiplied by the number of sites you join. If for example a person joins 10 different sites instead of having 20 to play with they will have 200. The chances of winning a prize with 200 are quite reasonable. Having won a prize a player can then “play through” so that any winnings are available to withdraw.

Using a system such as this does not guarantee by any means that you will win from a bingo site. For this to work you should only join sites that offer the best bingo bonus and “free money” without depositing a penny. The more sites you join the better chances you have of winning a substantial prize.

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